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The definition of a California jumbo loan is a mortgage issued for an amount greater than the conforming limits. Recently, the definition of a jumbo mortgage has drastically changed. With the passage of a bill allowing for larger conforming and FHA loans, many mortgages that used to be considered jumbo loans now fit within the conventional guidelines. Jumbo loans typically come with higher rates than a conforming fixed rate mortgage. This makes these new programs available here in California all the more attractive, allowing what has historically been considered a jumbo mortgage home loan to fit under the better terms and expanded lending criteria that come with a conforming or FHA mortgage loan.

The California jumbo mortgage loan is now generally a loan greater than $729,750 (the conforming or FHA loan limit). To find out what the actual limit is in your area, you can visit our blog page to view the current, updated loan limits by county. These limits are only temporary, and make for an excellent time to take advantage of a conforming or FHA loan product to replace your existing jumbo loan. These limits also make for a great opportunity for home buyers. FHA loans offer products that will finance up to 97% of the purchase price, and also allow for the use of gift programs, such as the Nehemiah program, which can allow for up to 6% of the purchase price to be gifted for use as a down payment and/or closing costs. FHA programs also allow for high loan to value refinances, as high as 95%.

Even if your situation does not allow you to take advantage of these expanded conforming and FHA loan limits, we can still help you obtain a jumbo mortgage loan in California with terms that are comparable to a conforming or FHA mortgage loan. We have access to excellent California jumbo loan, and even super jumbo loan, programs. Don’t settle for a home mortgage loan with a high interest rate simply because your loan is classified as a jumbo loan mortgage. Call us today to discuss your jumbo home loan options.


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