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MTA Loan - Freedom Loan

How would you like to take advantage of a new line of credit that could enable you to own your home free and clear in about half the time, save thousands in interest – and all with no change to your spending? The new freedom loans are now available, and can help you do just that.

Brought over from Australia in the early 2000’s during the housing boom, these freedom loans have been overlooked for many years. While wild speculation in the housing market continued to drive up prices of homes, few borrowers truly looked for a product that would allow them to pay off their home, instead looking for short term solutions and counting on double digit appreciation to continue. Now is the time to look for a different solution, a product that can truly aid you in the quest to own your home, mortgage free.

The new freedom loan works in a manner a bit different than conventional loans. It works by setting up your loan as a line of credit, into which you deposit your entire paycheck. This dramatically reduces your principal balance. This freedom loan computes interest on your daily balance, and you start saving interest immediately. There are no negative amortization features, no tricks or gimmicks, just a truly revolutionary program that can help you own your home in much less time than a conventional mortgage allows.

You pay all of your bills and expenses out of your line of credit just like you would with your old checking account. You get checks, an ATM card and access to your funds, just like your old checking account. Until you need the money though, it stays in your account. This keeps your daily balance lower, saving you thousands in interest costs. What is your money doing for you now, sitting in a checking account earning no interest?  Put it to work and pay off your home loan completely.

The more you deposit, the more you save. Paying less interest leaves more of your money for principal, meaning you could pay off your home in about half the time (sometimes even sooner) – with no change to spending habits! Best of all, you still have access to your funds, just like you would with your old checking account. Call us today, or read more details in our home ownership accelerator program post, because the best mortgage is no mortgage!


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